Appalachian Writing Project

Founded in 2001 by Director Amy Clark, the AWP supports rural teachers in their research and teaching of writing through a number of programs held throughout the year. The AWP's network of teacher consultants attend a rigorous Invitational Summer Writing Institute (directed by Hope Cloud), where they engage in cutting-edge techniques for writing pedagogy as they develop workshops for teachers K-college in all disciplines. AWP teachers regularly engage in personal and professional writing in addition to teaching about writing. They lead several programs for youth and community such as Young Writers' Camps (coordinated by Stephanie Cassell) and the Writing Retreat at the Breaks (coordinated by Robin Charles and Rita Justice). The AWP offers year-round inservice on teaching writing in all disciplines K-college (coordinated by Grace Bradshaw.) In 2013, the Appalachian Writing Project was honored with the Helen Lewis Community Service Award by the Appalachian Studies Association.

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